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Shemale Flash Games – Welcome To Paradise

Have you been searching far and wide, all over the Internet, for a decent destination that can satisfy your desire for transsexual gaming? Well, the good news is that the epic adventure you've partaken in can finally come to an end! Since you've visited Shemale Flash Games – and we're the best in the business when it comes to this type of thing – you're finally going to be able to put your feet up and see everything that's on offer. The project is looking to grow at an extreme pace over the next few months and Shemale Flash Games is only just getting started when it comes to the great ideas we have for our project. Suffice to say that if you feel like some porn gaming bliss, this is the place to be – though only if you're truly keen on enjoying all of the transsexuals and goodness that comes along with that. We've assembled a mostly porn addicted bunch of developers and artists to put together this little destination and yes – things here are going to get very spicy indeed. We're looking forward to being able to convert everyone to the cause and want you to know that Shemale Flash Games is in this for the long haul. Why go short when you can go long, right? Anyhow – continue reading for more details, or make an account right now and get yourself a slice of the action!

Great graphical style

One of the things that was vitally important to us behind the scenes was ensuring that the games here looked truly next generation. As we do a quick recap on the porn gaming world, we notice that there's a distinct lack of focus and care when it comes to the visual aesthetic of whatever is being put out there. The reason for this is likely to do with the fact that very few good engines existed back in the day, and of those that did, it made a lot of sense for developers not to shell out the huge amounts of money that they cost – all because it's pretty hard to make money in this business! Thankfully, we're not bound by those issues in the modern era, which is exactly why Shemale Flash Games has been able to thrive and give gamers some of the best visuals around. We take it incredibly seriously and believe that the future of the project here – and indeed, across the world of porn gaming – are all going to depend on how great the games look. We have to forget these relics of a bygone era and well, that also means moving away from Flash. So let's have a little discussion about that in particular.

Our move away from Flash

Although the title says 'Flash Games', the fact of the matter is that we no longer use Flash in order to give you access to the games that are inside. We've switched over to WebGL, which is a far better tool that we believe will make you jizz like you wouldn't believe – all day, all night. The finest benefit to this approach is that we still maintain the ability for you to play the games we offer through your browser, but you won't actually have the low quality problems associated with the platform. Our team is of the firm belief that this is the best step forward and we're not going to lose any ground over an alternative service where they require you to download stuff locally. This also means that people who are connecting to us through Mac or Linux are going to be just fine and dandy. A lot of browsers these days no longer support Flash either, which is why a lot of our original games have now been ported over (with the rest due to be complete within the next 3 months). We take this type of thing really serious and want the best for our gamers – nothing else matters as far as we're concerned!

Try it all today

Shemale Flash Games is a premiere destination, but instead of just talking about it, I think it's wise for me to actually invite you in so that you can see for yourself exactly what's going on here. We've made a conscious effort to get you in the door as quickly and conveniently as possible, so create your free account today and see if the transsexual games we offer grow on you. Thanks to the team for their development skills, the gamers for coming back every single time and you for considering coming on in and exploring what it is we've got on the table. The journey thus far has been great, but we think that the future of Shemale Flash Games is going to be much, much better. Take care and enjoy jerking!

Shemale Flash Games: the one and only spot for real transsexual porn gamers to get what they desire!

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